“Goldstein is always worth hearing, because she is a wonderful
pianist with a flair for creative programming…
her performances included variety of textures and colors,
lightness and humor, as well as gravitas…”

Isler’s Insights, June 2019

"Gila Goldstein was the standout performer of the evening, provided a much-needed injection and energy"

Bachtrack, Berlin, 2017

"highly energized and passionate performance"

Junge Welt, Berlin 2017

"......Gila Goldstein gave one of the finest accounts I can recall of Bach Partita in E minor..."

New York Concert Review, 2012

".....her Bach made us gasp, Schumann was played with passion, Liszt was delicate and pure“

China Music Daily, Beijing, China, 2011

"....Ben-Haim's piano music formed the core of a stunning recital at the University of London"

Music & Vision Daily, London, UK, 2011

"......Gila Goldstein displayed soulful artistry and impeccable virtuosity“

Muse Magazine, Manila, Philippines, 2006

"...Her control of pianissimo and evocative tone color from the
piano were masterful.... “

North Bay Classical Music, California, 2009

"........Powerful and engaging interpretations“

KLASSIK, Germany, 2001